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What if I need to withdraw some or all of my Roth IRA savings during retirement?

Are Roth IRA distributions subject to taxation?

q What is a Roth IRA qualified distribution?

When does the five-year period for qualified distributions begin?

q What is a Roth IRA nonqualified distribution?

q What are the tax consequences of a Roth IRA nonqualified distribution?

q What are the Roth IRA ordering rules?

q If I am under age 59½, what are the penalty exceptions that would allow me to avoid the 10 percent early distribution penalty tax on the nonqualified distribution of conversion assets or Roth IRA earnings?

q Am I required to take required minimum distributions (RMDs) from my Roth IRA?

q I have heard that I cannot withdraw my Roth IRA assets until the account has been opened for five years.  Is this true?

q How does the five-year waiting period work for purposes of Roth IRA distributions?

q May I withdraw a charitable distribution from my Roth IRA?

q May I take a series of substantially equal periodic payments from my Roth IRA?

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