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Formulate Your Roth IRA Conversion Strategy

Roth IRA Conversion Opportunity

Over $1 trillion of IRA assets will soon become eligible for Roth conversion - and competition for this money will be fierce. While it's not brain surgery, the formulation of sound Roth IRA conversion strategy is nuanced and complex. Given the stakes, this opportunity calls for more than simple guesswork.

LEARN MORE!  Complimentary Webcast: The Rapidly Evolving Roth 2.0 Market

As careful observers of this evolving marketplace, we believe there are likely to be several key "tipping points" in the near-term evolution of the Roth 2.0 marketplace. It is anticipated that the first of these tipping points will occur soon as several major industry players introduce their 2010 Roth conversion campaigns and the "wait and see" crowd is forced into action. The remaining tipping points-and the way in which your firm responds to them-are likely to have a major impact on your firm's success in this new market.

Click Here to view a complimentary 30-minute recorded webcast. During the webcast, we explore the current state of the evolving Roth 2.0 marketplace and the major milestones that will likely shape this new market in the coming months.

Financial organizations that provide advisors and investors with the necessary education, planning strategies and modeling tools will be the ones that will rightly garner the lion's share of this market opportunity.

To support the financial services industry in responding to this tremendous market opportunity, Convergent Retirement Plan Solutions, LLC has joined forces with two other industry leaders - Wealth Management Systems, Inc. and Advisor's Trusted Advisor - to provide the most integrated, comprehensive array of Roth education, practice management and strategic planning tools available.

Professional-Grade Roth Conversion Optimizer©

The Professional-Grade Roth Conversion Optimizer© is an innovative web-based tool that takes Roth IRA conversion analysis to the next level. The Professional-Grade Roth Conversion Optimizer©

  • Dramatizes the potential advantages of both full and partial Roth conversions
  • Supports hybrid conversion tax payment options
  • Models special tax payment alternatives for 2010 conversions
  • Provides flexibility for modeling 1st and 2nd generation consumption goals
  • Enables advisors to complete sensitivity analysis on numerous key variables
  • Helps advisors and clients identify an optimal conversion strategy
  • Generates tailored PDF output reports to support advisor recommendations
  • Reveals the underlying assumptions driving the calculations
The Professional-Grade Roth Conversion Optimizer© will help your advisors and their clients formulate an optimal conversion strategy and make conversion decisions with confidence.

Additional Program Elements

In addition to the Roth Conversion Optimizer© ,Convergent and it's business partners provide a full complement of education, business development tools and services designed to support your organization's Roth conversion initiatives including the following:

  • Turnkey Practice Management Programs
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Wholesaler Training
  • Advisor Training
  • Consumer Workshops
  • Slide Calculator Tools
  • Roth FAQ Databank
  • Roth Mini-Clips
  • Articles and Whitepapers
  • Ad-Hoc Consulting Support

Act now to access our state-of-the-art technology, retirement planning knowledge and advisor training experience. We'll eliminate the guesswork while you garner your share of the $1.4 trillion Roth IRA conversion opportunity.

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